Best Online Learning Platforms
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January 3, 2021

Best Online Learning Platforms

The Internet has opened multiple doors to distance training, allowing contact with teachers, submitting work for evaluation, or monitoring classes with web tools. Needless to say, not only traditional educational centres have benefited from these possibilities and today a wide variety of free or paid online courses are offered. In this scenario, there are some platforms that have acquired special relevance, either because of the breadth of their offer, because of their prestige or because of the learning facilities.

Best Online Learning Platforms

Among the ten websites that we highlight, there are some very recognized and others that are not so, but all of them constitute an interesting way to obtain new knowledge, part of them offered in the form of free online courses.

Connect Employment

If you are a Movistar Fusión customer, you have the possibility of finding free courses to improve your digital knowledge in areas such as Machine Learning, online marketing or web design. You just have to access the “Apps” section of the Movistar + main menu and enter the Conecta Empleo App.


It is a platform that only offers free courses, but of great quality since it has partnered with some of the most important universities in the world to teach them. Thus, you can find varied subjects, from humanities and social sciences to medicine or biology, through computer science or business training. Among the prestigious names of the collaborating entities are Stanford or Columbia University.

Khan Academy

This site is a non-profit, global ambitions educational project. His philosophy is based on making all resources available to anyone who needs them. There is a search engine to find free online courses on general topics, with different levels of difficulty. His teaching about Lui is admirable, you just have to take a look at the material they offer on World War I to realize it.


This educational initiative, promoted by the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), has acquired great relevance at the international level. The Carlos III University of Madrid has joined it, offering university-level training and zero courses for introduction into a career.

UNED open courses

UNED, in its recognized role as a distance university, also offers free online courses. It must be said that these are framed within the OpenCourseWare project. But it is not about content specifically created to be imparted through this channel. UNED offers only subjects that are within its official degrees. Of course, students do not receive valid certification.


Operating under a scheme far removed from the seriousness that corresponds to universities, in Udacity you can find lessons supported with multimedia resources and in a light tone, although without ceasing to be instructive. The courses are grouped into specific categories.

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